AgCertain Industries Begins Phase III Expansion in Boone, Iowa

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AgCertain Industries, Inc. has begun its Phase III expansion in the Boone Industrial Park located in Boone, Iowa. AgCertain held a groundbreaking at their Boone campus to announce the construction of Rail Spur B, additional processing and logistics capabilities and the start of planning phases for the industrial campus including a wastewater treatment facility.

Phase I investment began at AgCertain Boone in 2019. AgCertain has continued to invest in its 120-acre Boone campus and in doing so, supports regional economies in Central Iowa. “We are thrilled that AgCertain continues to invest in Boone and Boone County. We celebrate the Phase Ill expansion and look forward to their continued growth in our community,” states Boone Growth Corporation Board President, Ashley Redeker.

The AgCertain Boone facility receives and sends glycerin and edible oils via rail with the support of the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad. The addition of Rail Spur B is an important logistics upgrade for AgCertain, providing additional loading, unloading, storage and greater flexibility, allowing AgCertain to continue to serve its customers and vendors well. “We look forward to growing our partnership,” said Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad General Manager, Travis Stevenson. “It has been beneficial for our organization to work alongside this team and support their past, present and future growth.”

“Our last four years of investment and work in Boone have proven to AgCertain that this is an ideal place to grow our manufacturing operations,” states AgCertain President & CEO, Daniel Oh. “We are very thankful, not only for the people in this area, but also for the way our elected officials want and encourage this location to excel and grow. This community support is a major factor in why we are choosing to invest again and will continue to do so in coming years.”

About AgCertain Industries, Inc. AgCertain delivers products and services where identity preservation and traceability matter, with a focus on food, agricultural and bio-based activities. Operations are conducted through highly certified manufacturing systems, with sales and distribution to companies and consumers. AgCertain strives to meet the growing demand from consumers to know where their products come from and how they are made.