Community Cash.

Shop local, support local with Community Cash. Community Cash gift certificates are redeemable at participating local Alliance member businesses and are available exclusively online.

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Community Cash Program Information.

Corporate Buying Program

We also offer a Corporate Buying Program for large quantity purchases. This program is used by many large local companies as part of their employee recognition programs and holiday gifts. It’s an investment that both celebrates the hard work of their teams and also injects much needed resources into our local economy. Corporate buyers must purchase in bulk of $1,000 or more. To purchase with the Corporate Buying Program, contact us at 515-232-2310 or email us at

Program FAQ

It’s a community currency gift certificate program that supports local Alliance member businesses. Buy it from the Alliance and spend it at participating businesses in our area.

You will receive two emails: a purchase receipt and an email containing PDFs of the certificates.

Email certificates to your recipients or print them at your home or office.

Each certificate will come with a complete list of participating merchants. Click the “View Participating Merchants” button in the payment portal to see a current list. 

Each merchant will have their own process on how to handle left over dollars on your gift certificate. Some may offer a cash back or store credit, while others may require the gift certificate be used in total upon use. Contact individual merchants to learn their policy.

If you have yet to receive your redemption check from the Alliance, then simply mark the certificate as unredeemed within your Merchant Portal and return the item as usual. If you have already received your latest payment from the Alliance for your past redemptions, let us know and we’ll reimburse you 93% of the original gift certificate. Returns can be denied with Community Cash at the merchant’s discretion.

Become a Participating Merchant

Sign up to accept Community Cash at your business! This is a community currency gift certificate program that sends customers exclusively to the doors of our Alliance Merchants. Anyone can buy it online and it’s very easy to use and redeem. Community Cash is another way to get extra publicity and bring new customers to your business. Give us a call at 515-232-2310 or email to get signed up!